Freestyle Sessions 2016

FreeStyle Session (FSS) World Finals just might be the wildest competition known to B-boys and B-girls. If you've ever experienced a FSS event, then you know exactly what type heat comes to compete. Out of all the jams, we'd have to say, FSS seems to get better and better! The event had $60,000 worth in cash prizes with hundreds of people hungry to get that dough $$$. But, don't be fooled, not all come for the competition and money; many come for the sole purpose of listening to some good music and doing what they do best, Just break!

Up close and personal

Pretzel or B-boy?


Falling up.

Japan in the house!

The youth are our future!

Exile on the MPC

Talk about throwback!

Best foot forward...

B-boy pocket always bringing the fire!

Head over heels or heels over head?

We hope you enjoyed our photo recap!

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