Los Angeles Auto Show 2016

For us in the LA area, going to the LA Auto Show is one of those shows that you just naturally go to. We've been going for decades and now with the car show season dying down it's the perfect time for it to happen. The LAAS always happens just after SEMA so if you couldn't go and you missed out on some of those builds then this is the show you want to be at. Every year when we're going through our feeds and see some of the SEMA debuts we get a little sad knowing that we're missing out on seeing a-lot of nice cars but this year the LAAS had a good amount of these builds (you'll see more of this later on in the coverage). This is also a good place to go to if you're looking into getting a new car. Heck, we even left here thinking about buying a new car. The way they display these cars is incredible and they make the cars look so good! Some manufacturers even let you test drive their cars just outside of the convention center. Although, we wouldn't recommend you do that for the fact that this show is right in the middle of LA. That means that if you do try and test out one of these cars, you're just going to be in bumper to bumper traffic and that's 0% fun.

You can get an inside look at new cars that are already in production or will be in the future. In some cars, they will even let you hop inside to check them out.

Unfortunately, they won't let you go inside of these.

One of the most mind blowing things about the LAAS is how great these displays look. Check out how cool this Subaru display is. The way they made it half dirt and tarmac is so subtle that most people wouldn't even notice it. This is also the cleanest you'll probably ever see this car.

Concept vehicles can be seen all over. This concept is the Escala by Cadillac.

With every revolving car is a model and when there are models there are guys and when those guys are there they talk to the models like they are interested in the car. When in reality they could give two sh*ts about it. Lol.

We're still trying to figure out why Acura put up a barrier when it's so close to the car. Most manufacturers will make them big enough so people can't touch them but...yeah...this makes no damn sense. Lol.

Acura got it right on this display. See, when you make it bigger the pictures will come out better! Also, this concept looks badass

If we could choose a "Best Paint Award" it would go to this Neiman Marcus edition Infiniti Q60.

You know, Mercedes makes some beautiful luxury vehicles but this is just too much. Haha. We can definitely see an NBA player coping one of these when it gets released.

Jeez this looks mean but elegant at the same time.

Every year you'll find some outrageous concepts like this Lincoln Navigator with gullwing doors and three step door steps...say that three times fast.

I cannot remember the guy working at the Ford GT40 area's name but man that guy was cool. We had a very good conversation about the GT40, DSLR's and just cars in general. These moments are always the coolest.

A Nissan Rogue with a big Star Wars Rogue One theme going on. Genius!

The new Civic SI had us very excited but then...

It was like the crowd parted and in the middle was this. The all new Civic Type R that is coming out in Spring on 2017. This will be the first time the Civic Type R will ever be sold in the US. For Honda fanatics, this is a very exciting moment. We can't wait to see how crazy these builds get as soon as they start selling them.

This is only the prototype but they say that everything on this is functional. This makes us wonder why there's a third exhaust tip. I guess we'll see in Spring!

Gotta save the best for last. The Porsche room is always a favorite for us. This may come to you as a surprise as we are big Japanese car guys but if you've ever been to the LAAS and seen the Porsche room then you know what we're talking about. Of all the big name manufacturers, Porsche is the only one who gets it's own room away from all of the other guys. It's been like this since we first started going as kids and it hasn't changed.

The Porsche 911 RSR is so freaking cool. It's so nice that this guy had to touch it. Haha. This wasn't the last guy to do this either.

After we made it through all of the big name companies, we made it downstairs to where you see all of the aftermarket cars. We always go here last because we don't want to see the badass version here and go upstairs to see the same car in stock form. That would just ruin the whole trip! This Maclaren P1 is owned by the owner of Afters Ice Cream which made it's debut at SEMA.

@angelcitygtr has such a badass collection of cars and his newest addition is this Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 on air and Rotiform wheels.

Of all the SEMA builds this was the one we wanted to see the most. Honestly, we never thought we would ever see this car just because a-lot of the times when you see an amazing car at the SEMA show in Vegas, you're probably never going to see it. Fortunately for us, the LAAS brought out a-lot of builds from there. This Hakosuka from Z Car Garage had a very rare TC24 cylinder head from OS Giken with a LD28 block from a Nissan Maxima.

We're going to end off our Los Angele Auto Show coverage with this HKS GTR. We hope you enjoyed the coverage. Don't forget to stay connected with us through our Facebook and on our Instagram.

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