Winter Toy Drive 2016 presented by Purist Group

The Winter Drive Toy Drive always brings out some amazing cars but what amazes us the most is the amount of gifts donated. Yes, the cars that showed up are great but what makes it even better is seeing every gift go onto one of the many pallets going to the children that aren't so fortunate. This year the toy drive collected more than 20,000 toys! That's just insane.

Sean Lee of Purist Group doesn't just do this once a year. He does this all throughout the year and we had the chance to help him out a couple of months back when he needed help putting together backpacks filled with back to school supplies. He seriously goes out of his way to help out people. On his birthday he didn't ask for anything for himself. Instead he asked for gifts to donate. That just shows how generous and kind he is. Follow him at @puristgroup to see more of his gracious acts and of cars!

I already have a soft spot for Porsches but a Porsche with a Voltex wing, Recaro's, Yokohama Advan GT wheels and a roll cage is so damn perfect.

Toyo Tires always seems to have quite the line up. This Porsche makes CCW Classics look perfect with the RWB kit!

Not too sure if we've ever seen a 10th Generation Civic at a car show yet but this one is just killing it! Loving the custom aero and Volk ZE40's.

The man of the hour, Sean Lee, adding a Purist license plate frame to a patrol car in front of a-lot of cameras. Congrats Sean!

@phuong_86 brought out his Subaru BRZ.

Naturally every guy was drooling over this girl driving this heavily modified Beamer.

@jdmwong is a huge inspiration for us. If you don't know about JDM Wong then you need to do your homework. This guy is a legend in the import scene! He's respected so much that he's the only person in the world to own a @trakyoto kit for an EF. So sick!

For years we've been wanting to see the RX7 from team High End and we're impressed. This build has been around for years and the only way you'll ever see it is if you go to Spocom (at least that's what it seems like). After seeing it at the toy drive, we just might have to make it to Spocom to see it again! Great build!

This 4 door R34 was pretty dope. Whenever you see an R34 it's usually in really good condition and this one...well, it just isn't. Haha. That's not a bad thing. Actually, that makes it even better because the car's being driven!

I definitely geeked out over this M&M Honda FD2 Civic. Hopefully someone decides to build an EK with the M&M widebody kit. That would be so badass!

Man this M4 looks sick. It's so simple but it looks mean AF.

Any kind of S-chassis car will grab our attention. Even more if it looks this aggressive.

The Purist Group Toy Drive was awesome this year. Stay connected with us on our Instagram or on our Facebook!

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