86fest/Motormassive 2017

This years 86fest is a special one. Not only was it 86fest but they also collaborated with Global Time Attack for some very intense racing and they also added another show within called Motormassive by the Motormavens Crew. You could head onto the track to check out some high speed racing or you can head over to the pit area and see high quality Builds of all types of cars.

Now, there are people that are being pretty harsh about 86fest because there aren't a lot of AE86's but what you have to realize is that there are just more of FRS' out there. It's a new platform and it's extremely easy to get. Which is why you see them so often. The time and the effort put into an event like this isn't easy and we got to give a huge shoutout to Antonio of Motormavens for putting out such an amazing event and FYI questions/comments/concerns are appreciated. If you have any suggestions you could always email them. They'd love to hear from the people!

All in all the event went well. We saw everything from a Lamborghini's, R34's, RX7's, FRS' and AE86's. There was something for everyone! Check out our pictures and the video below. Enjoy!

Well, that wraps it up for our 86fest coverage. The collaboration with Global Time Attack was so dope and watching these competition cars go at it was something really special to add to this years 86fest. Let's see what Antonio from Motormavens hits us with on the next 86fest! Congrats on another successful car show and, as always, we'll be looking forward to the next one!

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