Toyo Tires Meet 2016

We didn't make it to last years Toyo Tires Meet but it looked like a cool meet so this year we decided to see what it was all about. To be honest, we weren't even considering doing coverage of this but based on the crazy cars and even crazier people, we had to take some pics! This meet was just out of control and people were everywhere. Those who made it know what we're talking about. The meet took place at Boden Autohaus in Costa Mesa, CA in the heart of Orange County. Boden Autohaus is located in an industrial area, so there were many businesses around and what would seem like plenty of parking but it wasn't. It was so packed that cars were parking in the suicide lane of the main street and some even parking on the street. For it being so out of hand, it just amazes me that there wasn't a single cop. The whole meet was put together to hand out Toyo Tires new calendar which features some badass cars and, of course, girls.

Being that it was in OC, it came to us as no surprise when we saw a huge amount of exotics.

We can never get too much of this Nissan Silvia on Magnesium Blue Volk TE37's. That blue FRS on white Yokohama Advan GT wheels is badass too!

This Toyota Tacoma Xrunner with some heavy body modifications done by A&A Autoworks was stunning. It's hard to pull off a good wheel and tire combo on this truck but this guy is killing it.

I remember seeing videos of this M3 in SEMA at one of the air suspension booths so to finally see this was really cool.

We've seen RWB Medusa plenty of times but having the Supreme logo on the side makes the car look twice as cool. Haha.

For it being SuperStreets car, you would think they would have the same ride height from the front to the back...right?...still a nice car though

Here's a good example of how it looked on the main street. There were many cars and even more people.

This area was where all the kids were hollering out for burnouts. Most people driving would just laugh and keep going and others would just do it. Haha. It was pretty funny too. I was actually standing in that area and some guy was giving out $100 to each person who would do a burnout. You should've seen this freaking guy. When I first heard it I thought "Yeah freaking right. This dude isn't going to pay these guys," and well, he did. The guy didn't miss a person either. He asked every single person who drove by. It didn't matter if he had a 240sx or a Honda Odessey. Lol.

Our buddy Eli came through in his E30 and this time on some rebarelled BBS RS'

Our new friend Jay brought out his period correct DA on some fresh Racing Hart Type C's!

You can never get enough of these old school Toyota pickup trucks!

If you don't know who this is then you've got to check out what he does to people who skate in the middle of the street. Hahaha. It's actually pretty awesome to finally see this car in person. Beautifully done sir!

Dope S2K with a Powerhouse Amuse body kit

This Spoon DC2 was definitely one of the coolest cars there. To a-lot of people nowadays this car doesn't look like much but the true Honda enthusiast knows how great of a build this is.

The show was flooded with newer Porsches so it was dope to see this.

We've been seeing this guy on Instagram so it was cool to see this in person. Unfortunately, when we did see it the car had already passed us and was going home. Lame.

Of all the cars, this had to be the best one of all. There's just something about Hako's that just steals the spotlight from every other car.

It wouldn't be an awesome meet without an R34 am I right?

Very nice Aimgain FRS with a Dominos roof magnet.

That wraps it up for us here at Exsyte. Be sure to check us out on Facebook and on our Instagram!

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