NMCA West Street Car Nationals 2016

NMCA West Street Car Nationals is a three day competition that took place at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA. This is the second stop and possibly the hottest weekend of the series. Temperatures were in the triple digits all weekend but that didn't keep drivers away from competing to be titled World Champion. Because this is a series, they run the competition with a point system. The more points you win, the higher you are on the bracket and, of course, the more you get paid! With 11 classes and three days of intense competition, you know you're going to see some good old fashioned racing! Check out our video and pictures below!

Hotchkis Sport Suspension sponsored the autocross event that we spent most of our day at. Being that we are big on Japanese cars, it shouldn't come to you as a surprise that we like to see cars go fast on a twisty course!

It's a good morning when you the first thing you see at the track is this lineup of dope cars.

From old to new...

Not too sure about what kind of car this is but it was tearing up the track!

Don't let the nice paint fool you. This car is a beast on the track.

We never got a look at what kind of exhaust this car had but it had the most badass sound to it. If you ever have the priveledge of seeing this on the track, you'll know why we love how it sounds.

Watching American muscle cars taking sharp turns is so satisfying. It's just a stereotype that American cars can only go in a straight line.

We first saw this at Wekfest in San Jose this year and now we see it in all it's glory on the track.

A-lot of these cars are unbelievably clean and they still beat the crap out of them. So dope!

Passing by your friend while they're in their modified car and you're in yours having a quick convo while passing eachother.

Holy sh*t these cars are loud. In the future, we're bringing ear protection when we're watching drag races.

The dragway had a huge crowd of spectators eager to see some burnouts and some fast laps!

Well, we want to give a big shoutout to Air Flow Research for inviting us to this track event and thank you for checking out our coverage! Also, check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

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