XS Carnight 3.0

XS Carnight started the car show season with a banger! This was the third year of XS Magazine's annual car show at the Shoreline Park in Long Beach, CA. Here they are quickly getting attention and, by the looks of it, they'll only continue to be a bigger and better show. For those who don't know of XS Magazine, they are an online magazine in Germany that also throws some of the biggest car shows in Europe. Check out their website by clicking HERE.

Before the show, we got together with our friend Stephen and got some awesome footage right before the show. He let us in on some of his future plans and take our word when we say that he's not even close to being done! Keep a lookout for him on Instagram at @wrcgti.

Long Beach never fails at having some of the best weather in Southern California. The ocean breeze did have us confused but it ended up being perfect.

It's always a pleasure to see our friend @jt_built and his very aggressive Hakosuka.

On the XS Carnight Instagram they announced that they would have the 2nd largest gathering of RWB Porsches in the world outside of Asia. Needless to say, there were a-lot of RWB builds in attendance.

This has to have the deepest TE37's we've seen on an EVO 9.

A classic combo of a beautiful black car on fully polished wheels will never go out of style.

The last time we saw this Lexus LS460 it was white with the same wheels but we've got to say that it looks even better with the new paint job.

This 350Z's lookin' tough with the over fenders and gold w/polished AG Wheels.

You don't see these too often.

This Pandem E30 looked great in matte brown. The color really gives it nice and stealthy look to it.

We've been wanting to see this for a while now. Of all the Pandem equipped E30's out there, we think this one is one of the nicest. You can't see it here but it had a red soft top that looked dope.

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