Eibach Meet 2017

It's just crazy to think about how this meet originally started at a small parking lot at Eibach Springs facility in Corona and now to this massive parking lot at the Autoclub Speedway in Fontana. From just the early morning roll in, you could see all types of styles and models. EF's, EK's, DC's and you name it, it was there. To our surprise, getting into the event was a breeze. Especially being that there were so many people. I swear, every year it just continues to get bigger and bigger. Going through the vendor area was pretty wild. There were so many different companies present and there was plenty room for more. We thought that Storm Stadium was huge but this is way bigger and....it's closer to us so we really can't complain. Nor would we! I mean, how can you when you have thousands of awesome Honda's to check out.

You can't have a Honda only event and not have Spoon Sports!

It's been years since we'd seen Phil Robles EG and now he has gotten rid of the fender flares and has gone with a Pandem kit. In our opinion, this is the best look for a Pandem EG. It's so cool because (let's be honest) when people think of Rocketbunny/Pandem they don't think of it on a track build.

This was also the first time speaking with Phil. He didn't know who I was or anything about me and when I began to talk to him, he had talked to me as if we had known eachother. The conversation literally started with me asking if it was the new Rocketbunny kit, which he corrected me and said it was the Pandem kit. Lol. We laughed about it and then he went on to tell me more about the car and his future plans for this build. It pretty sad but in the import community, people aren't very humble but thanks for people like Phil there's still hope for the community. Stay humble!

Check out his ECU signed by the man behind J's Racing in Japan! So sick!

We've been a fan of this build since the first time we'd seen it. Personally, I think that the JUN Racing valve cover looked best but it still looks good fully polished.

We'd never heard of Heel Toe Automotive but apparently they've been around for quite some time. They brought out a clean NSX, TSX, S2K and this dope CRX. We'd love to see this do some track time!

When SEMA week was going down, we had seen pictures of Big Mike's new build. He even made it to "Sema: Battle Of The Builders." That's a good accomplishment for a build that he's been working on for what might be decades now. His Prelude has gone through so many makeovers and this one looks amazing. Good job Mike!

Ryan from Rywire hardly ever brings out the GT3 Integra. This was probably the second time we"ve ever seen it in person so made sure to take some extra time to appreciate it's presence.

Ryan Hoegner, the man behind the annual Eibach Meet, owns this ITR that's completely tracked out. This thing's a beast!

Check out Ryan's completely gutted interior! The custom work looks so badass.

This small scale version of the Eibach Springs facility looks so dope. We miss the old location but man that drive is far and the cops really didn't like the meet so much.

Nemo's Garage brought out this badass FA5.

This same exact NSX used to be white with Takata Green Volk TE37's. This new look is even better! It's pretty weird to see Autobacs on a car again...

Eibach is cool because you'll see some super rare parts all throughout the show.

These Civic seat covers are so dope!

Of all the car's present this was probably our favorite from the show. You hardly ever see these Preludes around and this one was really clean.

This was pretty cool, these guys came in a group and all of them had J-series swaps.

It was funny seeing this car because of everyones reaction to it. We heard multiple people say the same thing. "Holy s**t." Haha. Even we said it. If there was an award for widest car, this would be the winner. He had a Kevmannz full widebody kit from Thailand and the wing was wild too!

Simple builds like these are some of our favorite.

ITR's for days!

Every time we meet DA owners they end up being some of the best people to talk to. Not only are they cool but they also have the dopest and most unique cars!

Thinking about it now, there weren't too many clean EK's. This one definitely made up for it.

You never think that the meet could get any better but it always happens to be the best year every year and that's no BS. We're extremely happy for Eibach Springs and their successful meets that they have every year. Until next year! Also, give us a follow on our Instagram and on Facebook.

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