Freestyle Sessions 2016

FreeStyle Session (FSS) World Finals just might be the wildest competition known to B-boys and B-girls. If you've ever experienced a FSS event, then you know exactly what type heat comes to compete. Out of all the jams, we'd have to say, FSS seems to get better and better! The event had ...
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Concrete Allstars 12 Year Anniversary

This was our third year attending Concrete Allstars and we still don't know what to expect. Well, there are two things that are guaranteed. There will be lots of beer and "F**k you" being said on the mic. Haha. The guys hosting it get plastered and start talking all kinds of shit to ...
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Carson Breakout

Some say hip-hop is dead but we'd like to disagree. Real hip-hop is alive but definitely struggling to stay alive, while fake hip-hop is on the rise, alive and well. And in some instances, hip-hop hasn't even been born yet. By that, I mean the hip-hop culture doesn't even exist in some ...
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Brkn International

Mvmnt Studio in Berkeley California was the rock solid foundation for the 2016 BRKN International California finals. The event united breakers from all walks of life, from Hawaii to Florida as well as the top 4 breakers from Northern and Southern California for a bracket style competition that was ...
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Cypher Adikts 5 Year Anniversary

The time has finally come! Cypher Adikts has made it's way back to LA for its 5th Year Anniversary and this one is definitely one for the books. Erivin Arana was on the tables rockin the party all night long with no interruptions. What's breakin without battling right? This year three of the ...
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